Anthony Phillips | Luxury Real Estate Advisors provides computers to the CARE complex

The donated computers will help CARE clients in a range of areas from getting ID to creating resumes and basic computer courses.

LA VEGAS, January 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The CARE Complex has become an integral and irreplaceable community asset helping people exit homelessness.

CARE’s services include, but are not limited to: identification assistance, disaster recovery assistance, RTC bus passes, locker storage, courier services, hygiene products, internet and telephone access, water bottle refills, art program and homeless-at-home programs.

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About the CARE Complex

Homeless Helpers (dba CARE Complex) was created in 2005 by Michael Swecker to address gaps in homeless services along the “Corridor of Hope”, an area that is home to a significant proportion of Vegas’ homeless population. Specifically, the organization began feeding homeless people who could not attend meal times offered by local shelters in the area because they did not leave work on time or encountered transport obstacles that prevented them from arriving on time at the shelters. Demand was consistently high for this service. Mr. Swecker built relationships with his clients and found many other fundamental services that local organizations did not provide. Homeless Helpers was primarily a street food organization. It was difficult to consistently deliver the services needed to lift people out of homelessness without a permanent location close to their clients. In 2014, Mr. Swecker purchased a foreclosed property conveniently located in the heart of the Corridor of Hope, with a vision to expand his services to provide comprehensive care to clients who would eventually end their homelessness. The building was in urgent need of major repairs and could not house services immediately. However, thanks to Mr. Swecker’s vision and the help of the community, the CARE Complex was officially born.

About Luxury Real Estate Advisors

Luxury Real Estate Advisors is the leading provider of sales, management and advisory services for the luxury condo segment of the Las Vegas Strip. Luxury Real Estate Advisors Principle is a partner of Street Dogz, providing food, clothing and medical care for pets of the homeless.

About Luxury Treatments

In addition to contributions to the CARE complex, Luxury Cares partners will arrange for local animal cause group Street Dogzs to provide food, clothing and vaccines to pets in the homeless community.

About Lux Development | Various home solutions-Nevada

Luxury Development (LD) is the development entity for luxury real estate advisers. LD’s main objective is to work with local municipalities and its partner Boxabl to build micro-communities of 50 residences on unused or underused plots of land in the urban core of a city.

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