Adobe adds new features to nearly its entire software suite

Image credit: Adobe

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Adobe MAX launched on Tuesday and, as expected, the company announced a slew of new features and tools for its flagship products.

While many Adobe products will benefit from new features added during and shortly after Adobe MAX, here are some of the most notable.

photoshop desktop

Adobe’s photo-editing software received numerous updates during the event, including several focused on the selection tool.

The Section Objects tool now has an expanded base of object types that it automatically recognizes, making it easier to select objects with a click. Additionally, it now identifies complex objects and regions, including sky, buildings, water, plants, soils, and more.

One-click delete and fill is a new feature that combines the object selection tool, content-aware fill, and Shift + Delete shortcut. It allows users to remove objects from images in one step.

Adobe has improved its object selection tool in Photoshop

Adobe has improved its object selection tool in Photoshop

Adobe is also adding additional functionality to the Content Credential beta. Content Credentials is a tool that allows Photoshop owners to attach attribution information to images when exporting from Photoshop.

New features include multi-user and multi-device workflows, cloud capabilities, and global export preferences, including improved per-document activation of smart objects.

photoshop on ipad

The iPad version of Photoshop also gained a few new features, including time-saving features like one-click background removal and one-click content-aware fill.

Improved subject selection leverages Adobe’s artificial intelligence technology to identify more objects. It can also select finer details like foliage, fur, and hair with greater precision.

Additionally, users can perform quick photo edits using auto tone, auto contrast, and auto color controls with just one click.

Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco celebrates its third anniversary with new features, including Motion Tools, which allow users to add animation to artwork created in Fresco.

Multicolored samples |  Image Credit: Kyle T. Webster/Adobe

Multicolored samples | Image Credit: Kyle T. Webster/Adobe

Multicolor Swatches is a feature that allows artists to sample multiple colors to create unique brushstrokes. A feature update now offers updated swatches, allowing users to paint strokes and 3D letters.

Fresco also got two popular Photoshop features, Free Transform and Liquify, allowing for greater image manipulation.

Collaborative features

Photoshop and Illustrator have gained new collaboration tools designed to make it easier to work on projects wherever you are.

Share for Review now allows creators to share specific versions of design work with clients and stakeholders and refine the feedback process.