4 Pioneer DJ controllers that will take you from bedroom DJ to club hero

Pioneer DJ, the weapon of choice of dancefloor gods like Carl Cox and Armin van Buuren, is currently running an enticing cashback promotion on the purchase of their much-loved DJ controllers. To honor the special occasion, we’ve teamed up with the market-leading brand to present four DJ kits that are suitable for all levels of expertise, from complete beginner to seasoned professional. This is the perfect time to upgrade your gear or get started!

Australian contributions to electronic music history have been massively overlooked. Did you know that the CSIRAC, Australia’s first programmable digital computer, was the first ever machine of its kind to play music? Take this Kraftwerk! Sure, the tune chosen by the team of scientists could have been the less-than-striking Colonel Bogey March, but still, it’s gargantuan!

Or, did you know that the Fairlight CMI (short for Computer Musical Instrument), one of the very first digital synthesizers in history, was an Australian invention? Adopted by legends like Peter Gabriel, Alan Parsons and Jean Michel Jarre, the Fairlight was one of the first music workstations with a built-in sampler, and is credited with introducing the term “sampling”.

And of course how can we forget Australia’s greatest contribution of all, The Melbourne Shuffle?

Despite the table setting of fundamental advances in the evolution of electronic music, the international impact of Australian electronic acts has been rather limited. With the Australian scene, especially in the 90s, heavily influenced by what was happening in Detroit, Chicago and Manchester.

But the tables have turned (no pun intended) since the dawn of the new millennium, and Australian electronic artists have become global luminaries through the development of a unique local sound.

In the mid-2000s, electronic bands led by the likes of Cut Copy and The Presets rocked global markets and stunned critics, generating waves that artists like Flume, Joel Fletcher and Timmy Trumpet picked up over the decade. next.

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Latifa Tee, host of Mix Up on Triple J, uses Pioneer DJ. Source: Instagram @latifatee

Today, Australia has become one of the biggest centers of electronic music in the world, hosting major stops on the international live circuit like Strawberry Fields and Ultra. On top of that, the Lower Country has become an exporter of festival darlings like Alison Wonderland, Fisher and Made in Paris.

DJ culture has grown significantly in the country in recent years, with a feisty indie scene that hasn’t given up despite Sydney’s controversial lockdown laws and the COVID-19 pandemic. New artists appear regularly, each generation more refined than the previous one.

Within this growing community, Pioneer DJ, well known as a legacy brand in the DJ market, has become the go-to gear for performers of all experience levels. Whether it’s complete novices learning to beat the game, amateurs honing their skills at weddings, or seasoned professionals in need of extremely reliable tools. As an industry leader, Pioneer DJ has developed a product for everyone.

Here are four Pioneer DJ controllers for every stage of a DJ’s career.

The entry-level DJ – DDJ-200

Want to take your first steps but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Professional-style layout, lightweight and compact, this entry-level controller features two channels with two mini jog wheels. A master crossfader, two channel faders and 16 performance pads are more than enough to get to grips with all the basics of the turntable.

It also counts with a basic three-band EQ, a single FX knob with assignable FX per channel. Single USB port, eight hot cues and WeDJ app tutorial support.

Available only in black.

DDJ-200 2-Channel Smart DJ Controller

The DJ in the bedroom – DDJ-SB3

Designed in collaboration with famed record player Jazzy Jeff, this controller is perfect for enthusiasts ready to throw little parties with friends. Inspired by their DDJ-S range of professional controllers, it features two channels, large low latency dials, a USB port and the FX Fade function.

The highlight of this model is an innovative pad strumming function that lets you create and reproduce different strumming patterns.

Available in black, silver and gold.

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The event DJ – DDJ-XP2

The perfect accessory upgrade for the budding DJ who has started playing similar parties and gigs. Designed for use with CDJ or DVS setups, this new controller features 32 multi-color performance pads, from which you can control everything from loops and sample triggering to cue points. You can also use the Slide FX strip to activate additional effects. Sturdy built with non-slip rubber surfaces, you can hit it as hard as you want during your performance without worrying about a thing.

Compatible with Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro.

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Professional DJ – XDJ-RX3

Premium all-in-one controller that includes several high-end features found on club-standard CDJ-3000 and DJM-900NXS2 mixers. Robust, portable, the ideal solution for small and medium rooms.

DJs can choose to play tracks analyzed by Rekordbox from USB sticks or connect directly to a laptop.

One of the most powerful features of this new controller is a sensational 10.1-inch touchscreen interface, the largest ever in a Pioneer DJ all-in-one system. High resolution so you can see waveforms perfectly, plus an all-new GUI design that makes it easier to navigate your tracks. You can even preview any part of a track without even loading it into the deck.

Also included are all the effects of the XDJ-RX2, plus six additional Beat FX and two additional Sound Color FX. Not to mention the performance pads with 8 different types of effects.

Now supports Serato and Rekordbox.

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Excited already? By May 15, each of these controllers (among many others) will be part of Pioneer DJ’s Cashback promotion. Each customer who purchases a qualifying item will be eligible to receive a cashback bonus of up to $400 from their purchase. It’s the perfect opportunity for newcomers to buy their very first controller and for seasoned pros to update their gear.

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