22dot6 Valence software dramatically improves Kubernetes function

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Storage start 22dot6 today announced that Kubernetes deployments on its Transcendent Abstractive Storage System (TASS) software offer significant advantages over conventional storage infrastructures. In recent testing of this new product, DevOps and containerized database workloads running on 22dot6 Valence™ software benefit from simplified administration, improved performance, cross-platform support, data life cycle, etc.

Valence universal storage software unifies physical, virtual, on-premises, and cloud resources locally and globally, creating a TASS architecture. Container applications can make the most of Valence’s multi-cluster capabilities that support any platform, protocol, and locality, on-premises or remote, and even multiple clouds.

In a TASS architecture, all storage becomes “Kubernetes native”. Administrators can instantly start stateful applications anywhere and minimize or even eliminate data transfers from one cluster to another. Valence provides the performance of local storage, even when data resides on different resources, and enables larger-scale deployments without penalizing performance.

Additional benefits of a TASS architecture for Kubernetes include:

Native integration using Container Storage Interface (CSI): Full CSI driver implementation for block volume and mounted volume support, volume creation/removal, staging/unstaging, and volume statistics information such as capacity.

Support for persistent volume (PV) files and blocks: Manage file-mounted volumes (NFS), file-mounted volumes, and block volumes in a single system.

Data and metadata services: Universal Global Namespace unites all platforms into a single pool – DAS, NAS, Object, EBS, File, S3 – so applications can access data and metadata without large-scale migrations or elastic search no markup.

Data protection: Simple, non-disruptive snapshots (deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted); granular data replication across files; file-level restore; active/active configuration for immediate failover and failback; active archive, pod-specific protection levels.

Ease of installation: Valence is typically installed and configured in less than an hour.

“Kubernetes on TASS is proving to be a new world, adding functionality for container management beyond what these users expect from their conventional storage,” said 22dot6 Founder and CEO Diamond Lauffin. “We expect to see adoption of Valence software strictly for these specific benefits, and these customers will also benefit from a scale-out/scale-up, sunrise-to-sunset, multi-vendor compatible, hardware-based storage platform and transparent for the general calculation.”

The next evolutionary step beyond storage virtualization and hardware abstraction, TASS Valence software creates a unified abstract layer to transcend the limitations of conventional infrastructures, enabling administrators to manage billions of files and exabytes of data in a true scale-up/scale-out architecture. Valence supports a general compute HPC cluster of up to 60 transport/data access nodes per physical or virtual location, and provides data accessibility of 600 to 1200 GB per second in a global namespace unique.

TASS enables enterprises to seamlessly access, move, manage and protect all data assets, using any available storage resource, regardless of hardware manufacture, physical location, virtual or cloud, protocol or platform. TASS unifies physical, virtual, on-premises and cloud storage resources locally and globally, integrating users, applications and data services. In a TASS architecture, NAS, object, and cloud systems are unified, eliminating separate silos by platform and creating the look, feel, and simplicity of a single storage system.

About 22dot6

22dot6 is a software, hardware and systems designer and developer providing a full-service delivery and support model with user-definable and application-specific options worldwide. Stand-alone software installations can use existing resources, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, third-party technologies, or purpose-built 22dot6 appliances. Valence is the first to leverage a Transcendent Abstractive Storage System (TASS) architecture that seamlessly bridges all storage resources locally, globally or in the cloud. For more information and updates from 22dot6, interested parties can visit https://22dot6.com.